Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sea the Stars

Gosh, I think sea foam green nails are just so kewl. Nylon Mag recently posted a video of some new ideas for your claws from Wonderbar Nail Salon in NYC. My favorite look was nails that were airbrushed white and then turquoise, creating a subtle ombré effect, then topped off with some gems and a streak of gold. So effing great. And if you're not into the whole rhinestone thing, the color still rocks for spring.


My sincerest apologies

I just wanted to take a moment and say I'm truly sorry. When I first critiqued Marc Jacobs' Fall/Winter '09-'10 collection last September, I was more than a bit harsh. However, now that fall has come and gone and the snow is starting to melt I've come to realize that you were right Marc, you're
always right. Not only do I have a new penchant for adding large amounts of neon to my wardrobe, but I've now found myself on a diet just so I can rock a crop top to spice up my boring leggings this spring. Without even realizing it until now, the very elements of your collection that made me think you had gone temporarily insane, are now staples in my closet.
Low-and-behold you did it again. I'm sorry for ever doubting you.

I solemnly swear that I will never question you again.


Here's the old post I happened to stumble upon today...

Dear Marc Jacobs,
Each season I count on you to be my trusty fashion inspiration; but I feel like you've seriously let me down this time. I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around your new fall/winter collection, which awkwardly mixes trends, colors, styles and fabrics. It seems almost as if you got confused and sent some resort wear down the runway by mistake.

Why did you pair 80's-on-acid colors with dark astral accessories? At first, I thought everything was going to be ok , classic grey silhouettes, sleek pants, but alas! Pepto Bismal pinks and grass green with football shoulders? Come fall I'm craving the usual buttery brown leathers, deep purples, plaids, and wools; and I rely on you to show me how to wear them. But mixing Palm Beach Lilly Pulitzer with goth? It just seems so... wrong.

I was especially excited for your show this year when I heard that you chose Francois Nars to do makeup, but the metallic violet lips made your models look like space voyagers and not a throwback to "edgy 80's clubbing vixens", which you claimed was the look you were going for.

Marc, you've always been a fashion god to me, so who knows, maybe you see something that I don't. Its going to take more than one questionable collection for you to fall out of my good graces, so I guess I won't give up on you just yet...

Eagerly awaiting ready-to-wear,


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These shoes were made for walkin'

As Christian Siriano would say, these shoes are FIERCE! Our very own EB was seen rocking these Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes on the streets of Madrid. Black is always in, but tons of buckles on shoes are in as well. The fiercer and more elaborate, the better!

You are my king and I am your McQueen

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Dear Alexander,

Your new collection has been just the inspiration I’ve been looking for these days. Those shoes rock. Now just give me a ticket to your next show in Paris and I’ll know the crush isn’t unrequited.
I love you more than Blair loves headbands.



Major Tom

A brand that has semi-recently hit the fashion world is TOMS Shoes. These shoes are created for the purpose of helping under-priveleged children. For every pair of shoes they sell they give a pair away to a child in need. These fashionable and comfortable shoes can be seen on celebrities such as Ashley Olsen. To buy a pair of TOMS Shoes visit


Cropped tops are back in! We have been seeing cropped tops everywhere, from the bars to the beaches they are being paired with everything! You can buy cropped tops or take an old t-shirt and cut it yourself. Pair it with a high-wasted skirt or shorts and your ready to go anywhere!

One of the things we are obsessed with right now...

BRAZILETS! Brazilets are ribbon-esque bracelets that come in many different colors from Latin America. This tradition originated in Bahia, Brazil over 200 years ago; the myth is that you wrap the Brazilet around your wrist and tie three knots after making a wish for each knot. Once the Brazilet falls off supposedly all your wishes come true.

Why we love them: aside from their bright and fashionable colors, we love that part of the profit from Brazilets goes to protecting the rain forest!