Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Farewell my King

McQueen with Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2006 Costume Institute Gala

I wasn't quite sure how to express my feelings about the recent passing of Alexander McQueen... Not only is he legendary in the fashion world, but he has also always been one of my favorite designers, beginning when I first saw Sarah Jessica Parker in one of his dresses at the 2006 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. After seeing the dress I immediately ran to my computer to learn more about this renowned artist. The theatrics of that year's fall show have been branded in my mind forever, which featured a dreamlike apparition of a woman out of thin air- that turned out to be a lifelike hologram of supermodel Kate Moss. His mind blowing, over the top runway shows have since been what I look forward to most each season.We can thank McQueen for many of the past years' ubertrends such as tartan plaids, goth lace, and the skull trend which is still in vogue today.

I was truly at a loss of words, as I'm sure were many others, when this past March, Alexander tragically took his own life just days before London fashion week

Although Lee, as he was known by his friends, is gone, he did not leave without sharing his otherworldly talent with us one last time. His final collection was said to be inspired by Byzantine Art and the masterpieces of the Dark Ages. Not so ironically,
the clothing seemed to be centered around the struggle between angels and demons. His Fall 2010 line truly left me in shivers and not just because of the ghostly presence. The dark foreboding coats and demonic shoes, contrasted by ethereal white gowns and divine gold embellishments made up a collection that was truly designed by an angel.

The intricate detail on the golden feathered overcoat is breathtaking.

I was truly left in awe after recently seeing the close ups of
the shoes from his final designs.

My favorite piece from the collection were angelic winged platforms.

Alexander you were beyond a doubt one of a kind, and your spirit and the magic of your genius are forever irreplaceable. Rest in Peace.

"Each piece is unique, as was he"

Always and forever your McQueen,



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