Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boy Wonders

Sexy AND Succesful.. Hot damnnn

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, founders of the label Proenza Schouler have quite an interesting story. The design duo was first thrust into fashion stardom when their entire senior thesis collection was snapped up by Barney's New York. Impressed yet? Although, I had previously heard of the brand and their kool take on sophisticated clothing, it was their sporty Spring 2010 collection that really caught my eye. (Not to mention the designers themselves!) .

Inspired by "surfing and skating, the things [we] grew up on" says Hernandez, this season their clothes take on a more athletic chic, including suit pants and lace up shoes that look like you could take em for a jog and a jacket tied around the waist turned mini dress

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Their refreshingly modern take on everything from animal prints to tie dye and ruffles to feathers made me fall in love with just about every mini that floated down the runway.
Although I can't afford any of their amazing pieces on my budget, their latest collection will definitely serve as an inspiration for adding some kool to my Summer wardrobe. Heck, I might even go out and buy some roller blades too!


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