Monday, September 27, 2010

Street Styles

Name: Lauren Joyce Krause
Occupation: Student at Columbia College Chicago
Favorite Quotation: "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." - Louis L'amour

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New Inspiration

Shoot for the moon

After postponing it for a day, I am making my big move to Los Angeles tomorrow morning. My PIC gave me a farewell present to help me settle in to my new place. This included two bracelets which brought me back to my overnight camp days back in the 90s when plastic bracelets filled with sparkles were more valuable than candy. These two particular bracelets have USA covering both of them. I'm pretty excited about them. The next is none other than an I love NY shirt but here's the twist: it's pink! Moonlight knows me way too well. I also got my first coffee table book for my new place! The book is from The Selby, an amazingly talented photographer who mainly focuses on the design of homes. It is simply inspiring.

The last part to my gift was a card full of motivation and inspiration. I'm sure most of you have heard the quote before but I feel more confident for my unknown adventures ahead after reading it.

I love you LB and Disney in just a few more weeks!

USA All the Way

Krystal Simpson posted this picture on her blog to support the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I posted on this Topshop shorts semi-recently and was excited that I saw her sporting them. I was debating before if I really like them and I definitely do now that I see them on her. Team USA!

Roberto Cavalli and Dsquared

After looking through all the the shows for Spring 2011 RTW, I've started to notice some new trends. The cut out look has much bigger cuts coming out of the garment showing a lot more skin. Embellishments are huge. Roberto Cavalli heavily embellished each of his garments with tons of sparkle. Another trend that I noticed was the criss-cross tie. Cavalli has tons of pants with this style on it just as Emilio Pucci did with his dresses. Keep an eye out for these trends!

Dsquared showed some very promising pieces in their newest collection. I didn't find it too exciting but their pieces were very easy to wear. I really liked the sweater and skirt combo the best.

Military Wear everywhere!

I loved Vanessa Hudgens' outfit at the AXE Music One Night Only Concert Series. I love her rockstar boots, black denim, and military jacket. She rocked the look! Here are some of our picks:

Juicy Couture: Cotton-twill military jacket
Marc by Marc Jacobs: Military-style cotton-twill jacket
Cadet Jacket (
Rag & Bone: Leigh military cotton jacket

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Your must-have basic

This tank from Wilfed at Aritzia is a must have for your fall wardrobe. This tank is perfect for layering, wearing with high-waisted skirts or pants and just to wear on its own. They come in tons of different colors but also in different patterns. This is the perfect tank for a little sex appeal and a little flare for a basic tank.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fashion in Milan Shows Promise

As I was looking at Dolce and Gabbana's newest collection, I felt that I was watching a group of '50s housewives about to do some work at home. There were tons of florals and the cuts of the dresses and tops along with the high-waisted shorts really seemed based off of the past. One of the looks even had an apron and most of the models were wearing handkerchiefs. I do love the use of floral and platform heels with the big flowers attached to them.

Emilio Pucci's collection was breathtaking. His first look was so fierce I immediately knew that the rest of the collection would prove to be the same. The knee-high boots in the first picture below were in many of his looks in different fabrics and I fell in love. His pieces were scandalous but in an artful way with his cutout dresses and lace up fronts. I wish I could put his entire collection on here but I picked my five favorite looks (which was really hard!). I encourage you to see the rest of the collection.

Emilio Pucci

Alberta Ferretti's new collection is perfect for the modern day tree hugger (like myself). It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale in some far away forest. There were a lot of sheer pieces and a lot of lace and chiffon. Everything was very flowy and gorgeous and most of the dresses were floor length. This collection was just simply pretty.

Alberta Ferretti

I loved the animal and jungle prints for Trussardi 1911. This black and white leopard print dress would be amazing to wear for a night out on the town. I love the oversized bow that goes around the neck. For whatever reason I also liked the dress in the second picture below. I'm not sure if it's the cut or the fabric but something about it caught my eye.

Trussardi 1911

The collection for Just Cavalli was covered in crazy bright prints. I didn't notice any sort of tie that these patterns had together but just a mish mosh of different ones thrown together. reported that the show had a circus theme and from looking at all of their looks you would think they were dressed for a circus. I wouldn't really waste my time looking through the entire collection.

Just Cavalli

Right now wanting...

A pair of lace up booties! I keep seeing pictures of celebrities wearing lace up booties and I really want to rock a pair myself. I really like the pair below by Luxury Rebel (Ricki Lace Up Booties) that I found on shopbop.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celebrity Outfit of the Week

is Rachel Bilson. I want this exact same outfit but I don't know if I could pull it off as well =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pieces I like

Love this chair from Urban. Wish I had somewhere to put it...

Cursed by three wishes

In January, I tied on my Brazilet that I bought while in the Bahamas. It is obviously nearing the end of September and that thing is still on! Unbelievable. I want to cut it off but I've dedicated so much time to getting these three wishes to come true that I can't give up now. Ohmuhgosh.

Eat your heart out

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Leopard Cardigan

I love Kristin Cavallari's leopard cardigan and I need to find where I can get one for myself. I will keep you updated!

More Fashion Week Stuff

Burberry was simply amazing in London! I LOVED everything! Their modern take on the trench coat is to die for. The motorcycle themed trench with the spikes is one of my favorite pieces that I've seen for Fall 2011. You seriously need to look at their entire collection. Fantastic!

Burberry Prorsum

Gucci used a lot of vibrant colors for their show in Milan but also had a lot of nude pieces. This bronze belt was also all over their looks on the runway.


Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide



Rainy Day Fashions

Let me first apologize for my inadequate photoshop skills (I took a class back in the day but it's fading). I saw a similar outfit on a girl on the street and thought I would try to reenact it because I really liked it. Sorry for the odd proportions!

Want Cashmere Soft Skin?

Remember back in the day when you used to get tons and tons of gift baskets from Bath and Body Works for your birthday? I'm sure I still have lotions and body washes laying around in my house somewhere. I recently received a gift that was this Shea Cashmere Hand Lotion from a co-worker and I instantly fell in love. I immediately went to the Bath and Body Works store and bought the giant bottle of body lotion. Not only does it smell amazing but your skin is so silky smooth you wouldn't believe it. I'm giving an A++ to the Shea Cashmere Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works.

Fashion Forecast: Stylish!

This app for the iPhone is simply amazing. The app is called Wearcast and it forecasts the weather and based upon the options you choose, it tells you what you should be wearing that day. You simply pick your gender, your unit of measurement, and your sensitivity to cold and heat and it generates the outfit you should be wearing. This could come in handy when you're not expecting rain or snow and also if it's in between weather. How long have we been waiting for this?

Review Trois of Fashion Week

I think Nanette Lepore is my favorite collection so far. I don't really know what to say about it except that I loved it. The colors and the patterns and the fabrics and designs were all amazing. All things that I would actually wear that doesn't have to be worn to a red carpet event. Big win in my book!

Nanette Lepore

Marc Jacobs did everything BIG this year. Big bows, big accessories, big pieces, and big hair. When I say big, I mean HUGE. I'm not exactly a fan of that... yet. I also noticed that the length of the dresses has gotten longer also. In fashion we constantly go from short to long and back so I noticed that all of his dresses hit the girls in the mid-calf region. Maybe we're moving to longer skirts.

Marc Jacobs

I loved the patterns that Gwen Stefani picked for her L.A.M.B. collection. All of her pieces were spunky just like her but I really like them all. There were a lot of really cool/fun dresses.


Really did not like Hervé Léger's collection this year. It had bizarre cutouts and puffs and slits and this outfit below sort of looks like she should be in space.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria