Monday, September 27, 2010

Shoot for the moon

After postponing it for a day, I am making my big move to Los Angeles tomorrow morning. My PIC gave me a farewell present to help me settle in to my new place. This included two bracelets which brought me back to my overnight camp days back in the 90s when plastic bracelets filled with sparkles were more valuable than candy. These two particular bracelets have USA covering both of them. I'm pretty excited about them. The next is none other than an I love NY shirt but here's the twist: it's pink! Moonlight knows me way too well. I also got my first coffee table book for my new place! The book is from The Selby, an amazingly talented photographer who mainly focuses on the design of homes. It is simply inspiring.

The last part to my gift was a card full of motivation and inspiration. I'm sure most of you have heard the quote before but I feel more confident for my unknown adventures ahead after reading it.

I love you LB and Disney in just a few more weeks!


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