Monday, September 13, 2010

Beginning the review of Fashion Week

I hate to say this but I've been really disappointed with what I am seeing so far for Spring RTW 2011. Lots of odd silhouettes, weird circular cutouts, and bad color choices. Hopefully some of the upcoming shows will be a little more fashion forward and a little less fashion experimental. The following are from the shows that I actually liked. There were a lot I didn't and a lot that were kind of just meh. I like exciting and I'm really not seeing it anywhere.

I have to say that Charlotte Ronson is one of my favorite shows so far. The girl knows how to keep it a little more on the simple side to ensure that she is actually being fashionable. Her designs are more ready to wear than some of the more "artsy" pieces from the other designers.

Charlotte Ronson

I really liked Vivienne Tam's use of eyelets all over her pieces. It really wasn't too much when she combined more than one eyelet piece together because of the different designs she used. She also had a great use of denim pieces.

Vivienne Tam

DKNY picked a really nice color palette for their collection. The pieces were pretty but nothing too intricate.


I really liked a lot of pieces from the ADAM collection. They did a lot of pretty dresses and nice work pieces. I really liked something about this dress and I'm assuming it's the embellishments since I love all things embellished.


Bensoni used a lot of patterns that I really liked. They had a lot of very flowy pretty pieces that brought out a certain elegance. I love the cutout in the middle of the top pictured below.


I'm going to sound like Rachel Zoe but I seriously die over Christian Siriano's collection. Words can't really describe it but it is simply amazing. He has come a long way from Project Runway and he has definitely proven himself in the real fashion world. You should definitely check out his entire collection.

Christian Siriano

More updates will continue as fashion week does!


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