Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Style Icon: Lou Dillon

I just love Lou Dillon.. What is it about those French girls?? Givenchy muse, model-turned actress-turned songwriter, Lou is so cool that she is said to have achieved her unique style by the mere age of eight, and by 11 she already had her first tattoo and a stud in her tongue. What I love most is her effortless bad girl style- rock n roll with a flare of bohemian, and seemingly I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think attitude. Yet, we couldn't imagine her to have a mean bone in her body.

I could just as easily see Lou playing dress up in couture gowns as I could see her hanging around in a dark, seedy bar down a tiny alley in Paris, cigarette hanging from her lips.

Definitely on my best dressed list from
Paris fashion week, here she is at Chanel

You may also remember Dillon from her cameo in the Paris season opener of Gossip Girl, and along side Rock n Roll daughter Elizabeth Jagger, as the model from our post about this past spring's H&M festival line.


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