Friday, April 1, 2011

viva we rocked vegas baby!

As we left a message earlier, we were in Las Vegas this past weekend for my birthday (as well as a few of our friends) and Moonlight's belated birthday as well. I have been to Vegas more times that I can count and also lived there for a little last year. Every time I get there it always feels like home. It was such an amazing weekend spending it with people I really cared about as well as drinking beyond belief, exploring the strip, eating more than my own weight in food, and playing wheel of fortune to no end.

View from our hotel room at night.

The poker room at Aria was so cool.

A view from our hotel room at Aria.

We have a thing for the Wheel of Fortune slot machines. I'll never be able to explain why.

I never remember what they call it, but I always refer to it as the arboretum in the Bellagio. Every time I go to Vegas I have to go here because they are constantly changing the inside and it's always so magnificent. You could smell all the flowers from the hotel lobby!

This tree was my favorite part!

This entire thing is made of flowers!

No matter how many times I see it, I am still in love with the Bellagio ceiling.

I could have sat at this three level chandelier bar at the new Cosmopolitan hotel all weekend. Not only was it gorgeous with it's sparkling strings of crystal but the staff was extremely nice and they make some crazy drinks! We had raspberries that were frozen in dry ice that when you put in your mouth you blew smoke out. They also made us a drink with a flower bud in it that when you eat, it makes your entire mouth go numb. If you are making your way to Vegas anytime soon you must go here!!!

And we ended the night with a table at Marquee. Unfortunately my new camera decided it didn't want to play anymore after this picture so here ends my Vegas pictures. We continued them with Moonlight's camera which will be Vegas part 2 next!

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  1. Ughhh your camera takes such better pictures than mine!!


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