Thursday, October 28, 2010

Le Placard de Mary

We just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing inside vos Placards!

Recently I asked one of our new friends Mary, of to give us a tour of her closet, and WOW, I am seriously impressed/jealous of all of her fun clothes! What I love most about Mary's closet is that she doesn't have one particular style; each piece that she owns is like a unique collectible and serves as a reminder of her many travels. Not to mention, she has some amazing vintage pieces that we can't stop drooling over. In particular, I am obsessed with her groovy Pucci top and a silver skull ring that she found in a flea market.

Name: Mary Grein
Occupation: designer, although I would like to transition into stylist
Location: Columbus, OH
Favorite Designer: Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui
Favorite Quote: "Smooth rides make for boring stories"

"I feel like my closet is an eclectic group of pieces from vintage, to higher end splurges, flea markets, gifts, things you could pick up at Forever 21 or H&M, and pieces I've snatched from my mom and even my grandpa! I love mixing these pieces for a truly unique look. I've also traveled a lot through college, interning in New York City three times, San Francisco and Los Angeles and made a conscious effort to go shopping at places that are unique to those cities."

"On a day to day basis I wear a lot of black but I always have my eye out for really special and beautiful prints, i usually find these on vintage pieces or my FAVORITE Lilly Pulitzer."

"It's from a Lilly fall collection (about 4 years ago), I love it because it's not the obvious Lilly Pulitzer print."

"Vintage Pia Rucci top. I love the bright colors and print of this top."

More of Mary's favorite pieces from her closet

Vintage Lacoste sweater from her grandfather's closet!

Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet

Dolce Vita bootie that Mary bought at LF in LA

Vintage Sunglasses Mary found at Screaming Mimi's in NYC

Skull ring- a great find from the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Thank you SO much for sharing your incredible closet with us Mary!

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