Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 Reasons we ♥ winter!

Eff off Winter blues! We've got 10 reasons (in no particular order) why we think Winter is pretty freaking great.

Winter time means time to break out our
favorite pair of tights to keep warm. They come
in just about every pattern and color imaginable,
and are the perfect way to liven up a boring outfit.
ATL's American Apparel heart tights. Did
we mention they make an amazing knee sock version

Bundle up in your cutest hat and mittens and spend an evening
with your boo or your best friends gliding underneath the stars..
or in our case beneath the twinkling city lights!

Stock up on firewood, and when the snowflakes begin to fall
outside, curl up in front of the fireplace with a fur blanket and
a good book.

Winter means it's finally time to break out your favorite pair
of fur lined boots that you've been dying to wear since you
bought them in September.

Winter means all of our favorite seasonal drinks are back at the local
Sbux. Gingerbread and Creme Brulee Lattes, White Chocolate Steamers,
and what's better than a Peppermint mocha? A Starbucks peppermint

brownie to go with it!

So many excuses to wear as much glitter and bling as your
little heart desires!

Paper ones and real ones, I just love big fluffy piles of
powdery white snow! Take that Peppermint mocha and
pour over a cup of snow, and you've got yourself a delicious
snow cone.

Real or faux, winter is the only time you can get away
with snuggling with your outerwear.

We love fashion and all things that come down runways,
but our favorite show of the year has got to be the girly,
fun, and SESKI Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

And our absolute favorite part of the Winter is the holidays!
Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's or even
Valentine's Day, we just love that there are so many reasons
to spend time with our lovely friends and family.

Happy Winter my little fashion birds!

♥♥♥ all the way from the snowsnowsnow


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