Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Happiest Gurls in the whole wide world

Last Saturday we spent the day at the happiest place in the world

When we got there, we immediately went to see the Mad Hatter to get ears!

We ate yummy mickey ice cream bars and sticky cotton candy!

We also bought Mickey hair ties and decided to turn them into bracelets.

SG and LB wore each their favorite purses, which they found in a flea
market in Spain! They added a few cobrsnake pins and even a dream catcher!

One of my favorite rides since I was little is the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

We wandered around in Sleeping Beauty's enchanted pink castle

And of course we had to fly on Dumbo since it was Molly's first visit!

Princess silly bandz were also a must!

Sunshine and Moonlight flying on Dumbo

It was simply, a magical day for three groovy little princesses


  1. such fun colorzzz! I love that you ended with "the end" photo. Did you photoshop these to make them more neon or all the colors are really this crazy?

  2. Thanks doll! I just increased the saturation a little bit.


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