Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jeepers Creepers- L.A. Part II

Friday night we decided to venture out to L.A.'s Griffith Park to check out the Haunted Hayride and Halloween carnival. There were lots of scary monsters creeping behind every corner, including a dark tent full of strobe-light-techno-dancing clowns that was the fekking freakiest thing EVER!
We had too much fun playing in the crunchy leaves, riding carnival rides, and even winning a few prizes, including a sweet neon purple turtle. And although the corn dogs and cotton candy that we'd been banking on were nowhere to be found, instead we munched on yummy carne asada tacos, delicious hot chocolate, and candy apples!
A perfect fall night with friendsss

La Placard about to ride the Haunted Hayride

Sunshine's haute vintage sweater from The Cobrashop.


Creeptastic Halloween carnival

Alex and Robbie racing

Renee looking chic- per usual- in bold, black wedges and socks with cropped shorts,
lace top, and a long black cardigan. Love this layered look for a fall Los Angeles night!

Carnival games are awezum

Won a groovy purple turtle, (which is now the Bean's new favorite toy)


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