Tuesday, November 2, 2010

London Calling

Le Placard de Joanne

We just adore the lovely Joanne, and her Petite Side of Style!

We're hopping across the pond for this next Le Placard and asked Joanne to show us some of the pieces that make up her chic English style... And needless to say we're très jealous of her proximity to Top Shop and Oxford Circus. Le sigh!

Joanne Christina
Fashion Student
Location: London
Favorite Designer: Highstreet Designers
Favorite Quote:
"You Only Live Once."

Joanne says- "I've just moved house and i miss my old closet very much, I had the attic room and my wardrobe was rails underneath the roof and my clothes went from one end to the other. Now I have to store most of my clothes at the house in the bottom of the garden so all my main items are kept in my room closet.

I have so many favourite pieces, but right now it must be my Moto Topshop Coral jeans. I wanted these for ages and I finally got them!"

I also love my bodycon Topshop petite skirt

y new Topshop cardigan, its so warm!

Topshop shorts


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