Sunday, November 14, 2010

My vintage weekend: Part I

A few days ago, my friend Elizabeth and I found ourselves with nothing to do, so we decided to check out the gaudy old consignment shop just down the street. Tucked away in an old carriage house, we browsed through room after room of abandoned evening wear monstrosities and frumpy St. John knits. Off the bat we had resigned ourselves to an afternoon of ridiculous dress up when a glittering royal blue kaftan caught my eye... This weekend I wore my new prized possession to the Art After Dark party at the opening of the latest Chagall exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The dress worn with a silk cord to accentuate the waist
and towering black wedges (sadly not shown).

The event was held in the museum's gorgeous new modern wing

If you remember Ferris Bueller visited the Chagall windows on his day off.

Ferris Bueller, Sloane, Cameron

Pablo Picasso's 'The Old Guitar Player'

Katharine loves willddd thangs

We ended our night at the Intercontinental Hotel

With wine, cheese, and truffles at ENO

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  1. that sequin dress is STUNNNNIINNNNGGGG! love the blog! following :)



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