Monday, November 22, 2010

My vintage weekend: Part II

This past weekend my father and his fiance finally tied the knot, and after two years (yes years!) of anticipation, I needed the perfect dress to celebrate the occasion...

My father and I

I found this dress tucked away among gaudy sequined ball gowns in the back corner of an old carriage house-turned-consignment shop. It's actually 2 pieces, the dress underneath is a simple floor length silk dress, and over it is a matching, sheer cape with sequined embellishments own the front. The dress made me feel like I stepped off the red carpet from a glamorous Hollywood movie premier in the 50's. All that was missing was a silk turban! I wore it with unconventional 4 inch black wedges, so that I would not be tripping over myself all night. My only accessory was a pink enamel Hermes bracelet.

The wedding was held at the Chicago Women's Club, an old art deco style building in downtown Chicago, with a beautiful view overlooking the Magnificent Mile. We had the whole 7 floors to ourselves to explore and celebrate the marriage of two lovely people.

For dinner the 40 guests sat at one long table, which was overflowing with roses, peonies, and other exotic flowers. Hundreds of candles gave the room a cheery glow while guests drank never ending flutes of bubbling champagne.

The unique alter.

After the reception, we all headed over to the Four Seasons to continue the party, Bride and Groom too! I quickly changed into something a bit more casual; including my favorite studded blazer.

In the morning we woke up to a lovely sight... wonderful city.

Lake Michigan was such a beautiful color, it felt like we were in the Caribbean.

All and all it was a fantastic weekend full of family and friends, and fun vintage clothing!


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  1. Oh wow! Everything is so beautiful and glamorous. I love your dress - so tender & sophisticated.


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