Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gifts for under $30!

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From top left to right: Pillow from etsy. Seriously, go to, you can find ANYTHING and most of the stuff is really reasonable. Picture frame is also from etsy. Sweater is from Forever 21, they have lots of cute winter stuff right now on their website. T-shirt is from Urban Outfitters, they have a lot of awesome t-shirts for under $30. $25 Itunes gift card is a great gift for any music lover. They get a chance to pick the songs that they want. The Selby is in your home book is fantastic. We both have a copy and we are obsessed. It's an amazing coffee table book. Ring is from Topshop, they have a lot of great jewelry like this ring. Twilight - any movie is good but you know secretly every girl loves this movie. Slippers are from Urban Outfitters as well, they have an entire section of gifts under $50. Happy shopping!

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  1. the quote on the tshirt it's pretty funny!!
    your new follower and I'd hope u'd follow me back too



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