Monday, December 6, 2010

Student-Flair Blog does La Placard!

Our next Le Placard feature is with Giorgia, a real life Carrie Bradshaw turned Alexa Chung. We love her thrifty vintage style and also her love for traveling. This Italian inspiration has got an eye for great style which is why we love her blog and had to feature her for our next Le Placard. Meet Giorgia!

Name: Giorgia
Location: Tuscany, Italy
Occupation: Student in standby and secretary, but also blogger at
Favorite Quote: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel
Favorite Designer: Giorgio Armani
What is on your fashion wish list at the moment?: A stylish Borsalino hat and leather gloves

How would you describe your style?: I love to be comfortable but at the same time trying being stylish. When working I do have to manage different things so that I should be able to be dressed very classy for an important meeting but yet comfortable enough to lift big boxes in the very same day. I must say I had a very wild phase when I was a teenager (I really resembled SATC Carrie's outrageous crazy outfits, wearing tulle pins, bright prints and bold colors!) but now I've become more classier. Most important, I want clothes that fits me well and make me looks better. I'm petite but curvy (of course I'm curvy, I'm italian!) so I really have to balance proportions and be accurate with my choices. Dark washed denim jeans, loosy sweaters, comfortable high heels, blazers, jersey dresses with boots, those are my key pieces!

Where do you get your clothes?: Most of them are High Street, like basic t-shirts and trendy pieces. I try instead to spend a little bit more on coats and statement pieces, shopping at higher quality department stores, but I don't own any designer garment or it bag whatsoever, I don't really like to spend a fortune on clothes, I prefer to save and spend them on travelling! This is why I love thrifting, although there's not much chances here in Italy, we mostly have vintage and second-hand shops which have slightly higher prices than charity shops, but they're great when they're holding sales or special events.

What I like most about my closet is that finally I don't have that urge to buy anything I see in stores. I think I have what I need, so I just update a bit seasonly to stay trendy. And then a bit of shopping always make us feel happier!

In my choices I included a recent purchase, a real bargain: a Stefanel white coat which I bought at a Vintage store in Florence; it fits me wonderfully, the shape is great and having it on it means I don't have to dress up because the coat does all the dirty work!

And also my new pumps: comfortable, classy enough to go with a dress but they look great with jeans either. I've been looking for them for ages and last week I finally found them at a local store!

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome closet with us Giorgia! Click here to check out her blog, Student Flair.
La Placard

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  1. Thanks girls, I will prepare a post also on my blog!

  2. I'm a Student Flair reader (and a friend of Giorgia's, as well) and I LOVE this post! I'll follow this blog, too, it's too cute! ;)


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