Saturday, August 20, 2011

cheers to the frickin' weekend

Not sure what it is but both of these pictures look a little bizarro to me. Outfit isn't too exciting but thought I'd snap some photos on the way to get some italiano. It's amazing how we can have a 40 degree swing from day to night and I have to change at least twice a day to keep up with the weather. I hope you guys eventually learn to like my awkward/quirky photos and as usual hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Sweater: Brandy Melville
Tank: Wilfred c/o Aritzia
Pants: Blank NYC
Shoes: c/o Francesca's
Clutch: c/o Kimski


  1. I will follow your blog....

  2. Love the casual chich look and the view of the city. And...I love that Rihanna song!


  3. Those are not awkward those are great pics!;) With fantastic and urban girl!:)
    Thank u so much for visiting my blog, and leaving so nice comments!!:) I love your blog as well (following), great concept and story! When it comes to my closet which u mentioned, it was the look from before, before I moved to Greece at the beginning of this year. I will have mayor wardrobe arrangement in autumn!:)
    kisses for a lovely day


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