Friday, September 9, 2011

Fog Inside the Glass Around Your Summer Heart

Summer has officially come and gone, and while I do love fall, part of me is wishing I could hold onto the warm sunshine and that carefree feeling of the last dog days of the season. I'm especially not ready to say goodbye to my favorite rompers, dresses, and sandals for the next six months, my cold weather clothes are just not as colorful and exciting. Instead of pondering the missing pieces to my fall wardrobe, I'm choosing to get lost in the last magical pictures of my perfect Summer. 

Wearing my favorite Shakuhachi "Daytripper" romper and Fergie wedges.

I hope you all had an enchanted Summer as well! What was your favorite memory/moment/party/outfit? 


  1. Thank you, dear, I think Corey is gorgeous :)))
    And you look amazing again, I love those shoes! :)))


  2. AHHHHHHH! I love this post and these photos. Nice job, Robbie.

  3. love it!

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  4. love the first outfit photo, the romper is gorgeous!! following u now, please check mines out and follow if u like, thank you:)

  5. Love the beach, your coverup is so pretty!

  6. Wooow, girl, you look fabulous! I`m lovin` your outfit from head to toe!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  7. Amazing pictures!!!! (specially the sunset one!)

    I´m loving your glitter oxford shoes!! So cool!

    XOXO and have a great w-end! :-)

  8. that romper looks unique!! and I'm also not ready to say 'goodbyes' to summer yet!! :)


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