Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our faves from InStyle's September Issue

September means the best from all fashion magazines. Hundreds of pages of fall fashion. We read through the 600 pages of InStyle and here are our favorites from the mag:

Essie has come out with a new line available September 1st. I was very intrigued by the chocolate brown color (Little Brown Dress) and am curious to see how it actually looks on the nail. I am obsessed with nail polish so I can't wait to see how they come out!

Celebs everywhere are wearing Lauren Moshi's amazing designs not only on their bodies but also on artwork throughout their homes. The bow seems to be the most popular but there are other designs such as a rose, spider web, or cheetah.

Tiffany's Reversible Tote is amazing! My favorite color combo is the silver and Tiffany blue. The metallic is trendy for fall and it's like having two purses in one.

I didn't realize how much I loved wedged boots. Each pair that they picked were amazing shoes. This pair by Ash above was definitely my favorite pair that they featured. They did a great guide to boots.

Moyna bags and clutches are awesome! They're super intricate with their beading but that delicacy is not brought into the price. They have so many different styles for everyone.

There are 8 pages in this issue of Diane von Furstenberg's country home each of which is more amazing than the last. Not only does she have exquisite taste in the clothing that she designs but also in how she decorates her home. Not everything is designer and each piece brings something different to the table.

We can only go on for so long about all the things that we love in the September edition before we have laid out the entire magazine for you. Go out and get some fashion advice from the biggest issues of the year!


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