Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nail Fraud Alert

Wild Thing- Leopard Nail Fraud Kit (scissors not included)

I've been hearing all about the latest nail craze 'foil manicures' which is basically patterned paper applied to nails. So when I heard about the DIY kit that allows you to apply these fun stickers yourself, I ran right over to Urban Outfitters and picked up my own kit for only 12 bucks!

Here are my thoughts:
The kit told me all I needed to do was put on the sticker that best fit that finger's size and simply file off the rest.. While the stickers did stick to my nails, I expected it to be thinner and less paper like. Meaning when I tried to file off the ends, I ended up with a jagged edge, much like a torn piece of paper. Instead, I found that a pair of nail scissors worked best to remove the extra sticker. Once the nails were on they stayed put and of course I received lots of compliments however, they didn't last much longer than a crazy night out in the city.
So rock on you wild thangssss, and have fun dressin up your digits with Nail Fraud! But don't consider this a permanent replacement for your usual mani.


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