Sunday, October 10, 2010

We like it in the bedroom

The view out of my lovely French doors

The Princess Bed

Both SG and I just recently finished reading The Selby in your place, and as a result I felt inspired to share a few shots of my own space... Unfortunately half of my clothes are here in Chicago and the rest are at my apartment back at school so no shots of Le Placard.
I've lived in the same town my entire life, but a few years ago my family moved (just down the street) and I had the chance to design my own room for the first time. I traded the orange and yellow shag carpet, no I am not kidding, for wood floors, and after months of searching for the perfect color, painted the walls a beautiful shade of 'wintergreen'. I
also found an antique canopy bed, my dream since I was a little girl, and appropriately named it The Princess Bed. To me there's nothing better than coming home to my room, my own little haven.

My bulletin board- mostly photos, old concert tickets,
wrist bands, and letters from friends.

I am obsessed with taking pictures in photo booths

Shelf life- lots of clothing tags, candles, postcards and my Lolla pass.

Mostly things I've collected from my travels, including a (now) empty Limoncello
bottle from Sorrento and a Venitian Carnivale mask. My favorite thing is a small
ornate jewelry box from South Africa that I received as a gift. I have authentic
clips of filmstrip from the shooting of Breakfast at Tiffany's (my favorite movie) framed in the
background, also a gift from a friend.

The coolest birthday card ever, handmade by my one and only Sunshine

I found the old Gucci shoe box in my mama's things in the attic.
It was full of old Valentine's from the 1920's!

Collage of a lot of the new diesel ads, a Polaroid from 'Thunder From
Down Under', photos of friends, and an awesome quote by Zoe Saldana-
"I love sex and rock 'n' roll. You have no idea"

My nightstand- overloaded with books, I'm currently reading 'Dharma Bums',
a bottle of Veuve (why not?) that I still haven't found the perfect occasion to
open, and a collage from my road trip across country this past summer with my
BFF. I painted that Warhol style version of Audrey for a school project a few years
ago, and it still needs a proper frame.

Send us shots of your space, we'd love to see some Le Placards!


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